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Breakfast Buffet Options:

Egg Choices (2):

  • Eggs Benedict Royale

  • Truffle Scrambled Eggs

  • Quiche Options

Bacon (1):

  • Choose from Candied, Truffle, or Maple Sriracha

Sausage (1):

  • Apple and Sage, Wild Mushroom and Truffle, or Maple and Bourbon

Waffle (1):

  • Berry Bliss, Banana Nutella, or Lemon Ricotta

Hash Browns (1):

  • Truffle and Parmesan, Sweet Potato and Bacon, or Smoked Salmon and Chive

Bakery (1):

  • Croissants, Cheddar & Chive Biscuits, Artisan Breads, or Mini Bagels

Fresh Fruits (1):

  • Exotic Fruits or Mixed Fruits

Choose from these options to create your breakfast buffet.

Each box is $15.00


  • Coffee

  • Fresh Juices

  • Infused Water

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